Ordering of paintings from photo:

I paint portraits of animals and humans from photo. Prices on this page are for animal portraits.

The photo you choose is very important! It has to be clear and of a size that can be printed in A4. Then, I can see the details. Most importantly is that you choose a photo with exactly the expression you want me to reproduce. I can change the background and perhaps take out a rider, a fence or a halter. I do not change the expression of the horse, the ear position and eyes, etc.

It makes it easier for me to paint a painting for you if you tell me which of my paintings you like, and what you do not like.


You will receive an e-mail with a photo of the finished painting before you pay for it. It is important to me that you are satisfied with the final painting. It is a great decision to have ones horse or dog painted – so I will do my utmost to make you fond of the result! 

Good quality                                                                  Poor quality


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